Pointless Milestone

Sometime last night while I was snoozing, this blog passed 10 million hits. It took since June of 2004, but still, it feels like a milestone, however pointless it may be. I filter out bots and spammers (and myself), so give or take, this is roughly the number of times someone’s read (or skimmed) an article here.

I honestly don’t know why anyone reads. When I first started I thought it would just be personal therapy, not a place where people actually visited. But they did. Obviously, since you’re reading this.

People who were just starting out blogging asked me how I got so many readers. My answer was… I don’t know. Be inflammatory, be funny, be vulnerable, don’t filter, be yourself. Write about what interests you, and don’t force yourself to keep talking about things when you get tired of them (a mistake I’ve made). If I tried to recreate those early days on Diaryland, I couldn’t do it. I don’t know how it happened.

Here are the top ten posts since the beginning based solely on traffic It’s a bit unpredictable.

Macroeconomics for Dummies, 94,212 hits – This has to be due to junior college students trying to Google for help in their Macro courses. Hopefully none of them actually used this as reference.

Shove Your Moral Relativism, 95,914 hits – I get very annoyed by the “I think it’s wrong but I won’t impose it on you” school of thought. Some things aren’t relative. Murder, stealing, adultery – universally wrong.

The Responsibility Illusion, 103,419 hits – This post is where I described my regrets in trying to live my life backwards. Don’t use excuses. Live in the moment.

Fair is for Sissies, 105,191 hits – I hate the words “That’s not fair” more than almost any other phrases on Earth. If you’re complaining about fairness, you are focusing outwards instead of inwards. Total waste of time, and nobody wants to hear it.

Tiller: A Complete Perspective, 131,018 hits – I was happy when Tiller was put out of business. By a vigilante with a gun. Read why.

A Compassionate Conservative Perspective on Obamacare, 136,183 hits – Can a conservative really object to Obamacare without offering alternatives? I think not.

The Time I Saw a Church Friend Naked, 139,491 hits – Obviously it got Googled a lot because it used the words “Church” and “Naked” in the title.

Why Love is Tricky, 144,837 hits – This is where I first introduced my scientific approach to finding a perfect mate. Using a spreadsheet. It works, much to the dismay of every woman that read this post.

Who Knew Cats Could Sing Italian Opera, 153,384 hits – This post was the one that launched the popularity of this blog, via a hilarious catfight between “Ms. Right” (Melissa) and “Jennyanydots” (Molly). The post is totally dumb, but the comments are awesome.

Destiny or Chaos, 167,910 hits – I’m so glad this one has become the top post. I personally feel this was my best post so far. I’m sure you’ll tell me I’m wrong.