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No unarmed person, even if in the act of committing a non-violent crime, should ever be injured, let alone killed by the police. I respect the job of police officers, but unless there is some effort by other police officers to change this culture, I don’t know how we ever move forward as a culture. Black lives matter as much as yours, and as much as mine. We are all created in Gods image. White folks, stop deflecting this horrible undercurrent of racism by saying all lives matter. Stop defending indefensible actions by police (or vigilante citizens). Stop clutching your pearls and crossing the street like a narrow minded, bigoted coward. Your little actions like those don’t go unnoticed, and they ARE most assuredly racism. Ignoring the problem is just as bad as being part of the problem. Hold to account people that you see being racist. And no, as a white person, DO NOT try to call out what you see as reverse racism. That’s not your place to call out. You call out whites who act like or talk like racists. You shun them. You shame them. You show them the error of your ways. Let minorities deal with their own bad apples, because you don’t have the right to do it. You just don’t.

I have two black children and I’m horrified that this is the world they live in. I’m grateful every day we didn’t end up with that little boy, because I have no idea how to prepare a young man for the idea that he might be MURDERED by police for trying to write a bad check while unarmed and not resisting arrest. That he might be shot dead for trying to get his ID card that the same officer literally just asked him to get.

You are either helping or you are part of the problem. Don’t just make generic posts like this one, call out that crap wherever you see it. Bring it into the open, shine a light on it. Shame it out of existence.