Kimber K6S

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The Kimber K6s is a 6 round double action only revolver chLived in .357 magnum. I have been shooting with mine for about 6 months, so I thought I’d share a quick review.

This gun looks and feels very well made. My only other revolver is a Ruger LCR, and it feels like a toy next to the Kimber. The Kimber is stainless and has a unique notched cylinder that makes the gun quite narrow even though it adds a 6th round of capacity.

The two inch barrel makes the K6s easy to conceal – small enough for strong side IWB or ankle carry. I typically carry this as my back up gun, so it’s almost always on my ankle. The Wilson Combat Sentinel is my primary and goes IWB during casual dress, or strong side OWB under a sport coat or cold weather clothing.

At the range, the Kimber performs well. And I say that with one major caveat. Unless you are Duane The Rock Johnson, you are not going to want to shoot .357 magnum in this gun. It kicks like a rabid donkey and is quite painful after just 2 or 3 rounds. You’ll want to use 38 Special ammo. I have a ton of .357 magnum ammo that I’m working through, and I never shoot more than 6 rounds in a session. And I wear a glove. Not practical for the real world.

At 10 yards I can put a 6 shot group within 3 inches, and at 20 yards, I can get 6 shots in 5 inches. Further than 20 yards, it’s probably not going to be the best gun for you, simply because of the short barrel. But that’s ok. This is a snubby revolver intended for last line self defense, and if someone is attacking you, they will be much closer than 20 yards.

Double action only isn’t for everyone. That means no hammer to cock, which also means no hammer to get caught on your clothes when you try to draw. I like that, personally. However, it means a very firm, roughly 12 pound trigger pull. This contributes to the accuracy issues as you get closer to 20 yards. That said, the trigger is extremely crisp, and you can actually feel the gun cock as you pull back the trigger, and you can pause when you feel the click. This essentially gives you a single action trigger pull from there – useful if you have time to draw and aim carefully… not so much if someone is shooting at you.

If you’re looking for a well made revolver for concealed carry, and you like the option of double action only, this gun is the best one on the market. Just make sure you load it with 38 Special.