Stop Clutching Your Pearls

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I have been posting and calling out my white friends. Let me try to help you out, and keep in mind I am also white and haven’t ever experienced racism.

You can’t understand why people would burn down stores in their own community. You can’t understand why they don’t just peacefully protest. You can’t understand why they don’t just wait for the legal system to bring justice. You would be outraged but you wouldn’t ever condone destruction.

Of course you wouldn’t. I remember – you were outraged that they took a knee during the anthem. You accused them of hating America and hating the military. You’ve never watched your friends go to jail for a decade for having a joint. You’ve never feared for your life when pulled over by the police. You’ve never been followed around a store by security. You’ve never been passed over for a job because your name is “a little too black sounding.” You’ve never had the cops called on you while bird watching in the park because you asked an entitled Karen to leash her dog and she screamed on the phone like she was being attacked, knowing full well she was risking your life at the hands of police. You’ve never been stopped randomly while walking down the street and frisked or asked if you have anything illegal on you. You’ve never been asked to get your ID out of your car and then shot dead when you go to reach for it.

Of course you can’t understand. And I’m not mad at you for not understanding. I’m mad at you for assuming that because you haven’t experienced racism or called someone the “N” word, racism somehow magically doesn’t exist in your tiny little narrow-minded world. I’m mad at you for projecting what ” you would do” onto people who have not experienced the America that you experience. I’m mad that you think your way of thinking or doing things is right and theirs is wrong. I’m mad that you can’t be bothered to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

I am not a social justice warrior. But I don’t know how you can live in a country that talks about justice and opportunity while simultaneously treating an entire race like potential criminals. I mean it, stop clutching your pearls. Stop telling other people how to act or how to think.

Use your position of unearned privilege to do something positive. Write your local police chief and tell them you want body cams on every single law enforcement officer that cannot be turned off while on a call. Call your representatives and tell them that mandatory minimums for non-violent crimes are immoral and wrong. Do something positive. Stop trying to justify wrongdoing. Stop focusing on the reaction to injustice instead of the actual injustice. Just. Stop.