Losing Your Liberty

We can really look back to September 11th, 2001 when George W. Bush pushed through the Patriot Act, a sweeping pile of liberty-stealing crap that had more unintended consequences than anyone could have imagined. But the greatest of those was opening the door for government overreaching and corruption of the highest degree.

Obama’s 5 1/2 years have shown just how badly things can go when the government is left unchecked. This week it was revealed that the IRS has been politically targeting conservative groups and Jews. All by itself, that should make you sick to your stomach. Nothing should make you more certain that your 2nd Amendment rights are important more than this story.

The Justice Department (irony noted) has now been caught wiretapping THE ASSOCIATED FRIGGIN PRESS. Potentially revealing and compromising the identities of confidential sources, perhaps endangering lives, and without any question whatsoever, completely crapping all over the 1st Amendment.

Those in power in America are using the Constitution as toilet paper while giving themselves raises and benefits.

You should be horrified to know that the Obama administration helped to cover up the Benghazi attack that cost American lives, then when called on it, accused the Republicans of politicizing! The timeline for Benghazi has been clearly documented down to the minute. Obama has flat out lied directly to the camera, and we just sit in our apathy and say “Well, politicians lie” or worse “Obama is a victim of politicizing.”

Perhaps if there was an isolated incidence of cloak and dagger targeting of American citizens where the government actively violated their Constitutional rights, we could say “eh, someone screwed up… crap happens.” But that’s not what is happening here. We literally have widespread corruption bent on increasing power on the backs of conservatives.

There is a time when political games go too far, the corruption runs too deep, and the victims are the American people. If real change doesn’t happen, I fully expect there will be an armed uprising within my lifetime.

This country cannot survive if we fail to follow our own chartering documents, that were put in place by folks who knew what it meant to be stripped of their liberties.