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I’m so tired of the GOP being incapable of doing something productive while they have complete control

Healthcare can be completely fixed in three steps:

  1. Expand medicare to cover all “uninsurable” Americans. If private insurance rejects you, you automatically go on Medicare. Obviously guidelines have to be set as to what can make you uninsurable (to prevent Insurance from rejecting everyone).
  2. Allow private insurance companies to compete across state lines to increase competition and choice for consumers.
  3. Put reforms in place on malpractice suits so that damages cannot exceed the expected loss in income. So if someone making 30k per year is rendered unable to work forever, you take 30k x the rest of their life expectancy, plus the cost of their care. That should be the maximum someone is entitled to under medical malpractice, and it would go a long way towards lowering healthcare costs across the board.

So what if you have to raise taxes a couple percent to cover the medicare expansion? The cost savings the average American would experience in healthcare would more than offset the tax difference. Ultimately, what Americans want is the most value for the least amount of money. Most Americans also don’t want 30 million other Americans suffering and dying.

Easy as pie.

Both parties should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.