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People Who Defend Abortion are Selfish Idiots

They must be, because they deny the facts and insist on using confused logic as their arguments. What are the major arguments defending abortion, let’s see…

1. A baby shouldn’t have to have a crappy parent that doesn’t want them.

2. If we make it illegal, abortion will be more dangerous (not to the fetus – it’s just as dangerous for them either way).

3. It’s a parasite and the woman should have the right to kill it until it’s “viable”.

4. “It’s my body” and you should keep your grimy hands off.

5. And my favorite non-argument “You’re a man, so your opinion is meaningless.

If you look at those arguments objectively, you’d quickly realize that each one is faulty on its face.

1. Since when do we kill someone so they won’t have a crappy life (Terry Schiavo being an obvious exception). Lots of people have crappy lives, and I’d venture to say that most of them are happy they weren’t aborted. And “overpopulation” is another follow-on argument that’s also bunk, because I have driven across the Midwest and I can assure you, there’s lots of room.

2. Um yes. If we make it illegal it will be more dangerous. However, all other forms of murder are illegal and illegal abortion isn’t dangerous AT ALL if you DON’T HAVE ONE.

3. First of all, you’re an idiot. Second of all, you clearly haven’t ever taken a science class. Third of all, you’re an idiot. By the same logic, a two year old child is a parasite… they can’t survive on their own. Here’s why you’re an idiot. “Fetus” has it’s own unique DNA, it’s own blood type which does not mix with the mother’s, it has it’s own heartbeat (22 days after conception) and brainwaves, and since it’s DNA is unique AND human, by definition, it’s a FRICKING UNIQUE HUMAN BEING. If you cling to the idea that it’s part of your body, you’re simply being selfish and irrational. There’s no other explanation because science and logic completely refute this argument. We’re literally within years of being able to grow a baby completely in a lab… women as an incubator won’t always be necessary. What then, viability nuts?

4. Your body is your body, and the baby’s body is the baby’s body. We’ll stop  “messing” with your body if you leave your baby alone.

5. So since I’m a man, can I not have an opinion on whether a woman can legally kill someone? This argument is just a deflection because the women who defend abortion can’t allow themselves to ever for once second think it might be a baby. The wheels come off for all the arguments if it is a baby, since society routinely makes it illegal to harm or kill another human being.

I have nothing but compassion for women that have had an abortion. Many close personal friends have had them. I’m not one of the raving lunatics that holds graphic signs on the street. But I do completely reject all of the arguments FOR abortion, because in the final analysis, the only thing that matters is a helpless human is being killed in the most painful ways possible, and it’s own mother is allowing it. I can’t think of anything more awful.

So to sum up. If you’ve had an abortion in your past for whatever reason, you aren’t mentally retarded. At best you were naive’, and at worst you were selfish, but all have sinned and no one here on Earth can judge you.

If you’re a Christian and you still think abortion should be legal, you need to seriously examine your belief system.

If you’re one of those people that clings to calling the preborn baby a “fetus” (which is latin for ‘little one’) and insists it doesn’t deserve basic human rights, well, you should probably be wearing a helmet and a bib.