Nice People Rule

When you were single (or now if you still are), did you ever sit and wonder why it seemed like all of the good, nice women were involved with heinous, selfish, ridiculous people?

I pondered it all the time.

Nice guys, did you ever wonder why you couldnt seem to generate any interest from the opposite sex?

I wondered that, too.

I honestly used to think nice guys were overlooked because of their own deficiencies… Not confident enough when approaching women, not “dangerous” enough (no tats, motorcycles, or dangerous hobbies), and not suave enough to be attractive.

Then I got older. Maybe the gals getting older made a difference, but I now believe the lack of interest in nice guys was actually just because the nice guys didn’t assert themselves.

Douchy guys don’t act douchy right away. They are confident bordering on cocky, they are very smooth, and they start out sweet and romantic. By the time they stop pretending to not be a douche, the woman is emotionally attached, and usually assumes she is the reason the guy became a walking turd.

The lucky ones realize in time they need to exit, albeit not before trying to salvage their relationship. The really lucky ones learn to see through the douche’s facade before they get involved.

The nice guy doesn’t finish in last place… He just has to wait a little longer for his princess to appear.

Nice guys are not rare. I personally know lots of them. Genuine, nice, gainfully employed, stand up guys. Most of them had to watch as the nice girls they wanted to be with dated douchy guys and got used and abused. We shook our heads and hoped for the future.

Now, the opposite side.

Why do nice guys often end up with horrid, selfish sluts?

Two reasons… Horrid women also don’t act horrid at first. They make sure they figure out what makes that guy happy and give him just enough of it that he will want to make it work. Over time her demands increase and her giving stops… And you end up with the selfish, heinous women dragging the nice guy around by his proverbial testes.

In these lopsided relationships, the nice person will always be the one giving and trying to make it work. The heinous douche or selfish witch will always be the one taking nonstop.

There is literally only one solution. The nice person MUST kick the icky, jerky, selfish person out of their lives, no strings, ifs, ands, or buts. Nice people can only be happy long term with a nice person.

Those 439 words of what sound like common sense took me 33 long years to learn. Man I’m slow!