Wrist Update

I thought today I’d give a quick update about the status of my wrist, and the status of my impending takeover of the doctor’s practice.

The swelling and bruising on my wrist is completely gone now. It’s also stopped hurting. The guy who gave me the second opinion told me it would stop hurting and I’d be tempted to stop wearing the splint, but that I should wear it anyway. He was right. The splint is the most uncomfortable part of the injury at this point. It gets in the way of everything I do, and if I don’t get it just right, my fingers tingle.

I admit, I have taken it off to do a few things… like washing dishes. Hey, I’m supposed to keep it dry, right?

At the behest of my beloved bride and a few other friends, I did do some research and found an attorney. I wanted to find a legit attorney, not one who chases ambulances. That’s actually a bit of a chore. If you do a search for “personal injury attorney” you get all of those people. You know… the ones who have their own ambulance.

Anyhow, I found a good one after talking to half a dozen. He’s both tough and rational, which is perfect. He’s also willing to work on contingency, which a lot of the legit attorneys were not. He seems to think there’s a pretty good chance of a monetary settlement out of court.

We are starting with simply sending a menacing letter from the attorney to the doctor. In the letter, it’s going to demand that he pay for all my future treatments plus some money just for the principle of it. And it’s going to imply that failure to act reasonably out of court will result in us suing his proverbial pants off.

The attorney is still drafting the letter, but having met him, I’m sure it will be menacing and scary. I doubt very much that the doctor wants this to go to court. In fact, I doubt he wants his malpractice insurance provider to find out about it. I’m guessing he’ll roll over pretty easy.

In the meantime, I get to go for x-rays every two weeks at my NEW orthopedic surgeon. He is doing all of my “due diligence” to make sure everything is documented.

Even if I don’t end up getting cash out of it (I’m assuming he will pay for my treatment), I hope it scares the bejeezus out of him and makes him lose sleep. Jerk.