Window Shopping

Some attached men see a pretty woman walk by and go “oooh baby” in their heads.

Other attached men see a pretty woman walk by and think “man, my wife/girlfriend/SO is so much hotter than her.”

It makes absolutely NO difference what your significant other looks like, you can think either thing. It’s all in your head. You could be married to a supermodel and still be the type of guy that goes window shopping. You could be married to a 550 pound hairy women with no teeth and think she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

I firmly believe that the only happy men are the ones in category two. The guys who firmly believe that their wife is absolutely beautiful… in fact, for those men, their wife is the standard of what they find beautiful.

Guys (and girls) that window shop will never really be happy.

I’ve heard a lot of people say “hey, it’s no big deal if I look, so long as I don’t touch!” But that’s not true. Looking, even if it doesn’t lead to lust (which is a sin), could still lead to discontentment. Why even go there? That’s destined to hurt your relationship, not help it.

I think I am really lucky. I’ve never been a window shopper. I don’t mean that as some sort of pat on my back or anything – I was honestly born this way. I am a pretty content person. But I am also keenly aware of the damage that can come from looking at the other side of the fence. It ain’t greener.

I think the key is to always judge other things we see against the gold standard, our significant other. But don’t ever allow yourself to think another woman is prettier than your girl. They aren’t.

My wife is the most stunning, beautiful, sexy person I’ve ever laid eyes on. And that’s the honest truth.