WikiLeaks are the Ultimate Patriotism

You all knew I wouldn’t be able to let this topic go by.

The government has quickly condemned the latest release of top secret diplomatic wires by Not surprising, since it exposes their shady and embarrassing communications for the entire world to see. The government loves to classify documents as secret because they like to hide their dirty laundry.

This isn’t about national security. This is about being honest, saying what you mean, and meaning what you say. The only people who should be worried about this release are people who were talking out of both sides of their mouth. People who were being honest (i.e. “no one”) have nothing to worry about whatsoever.

The problem is that almost everyone in government, particularly diplomats, are lying scumbags. They lie, cheat, break laws, badmouth people secretly, and they get away with it because of diplomatic immunity.

In this case, they are still getting away with things in the legal sense, but they’re getting a well-deserved black eye in the public’s view.

Hillary is about to have her demon face split wide open with rage. Well… she has a lot of secrets. She can’t afford to let people know about all of her shady dealings. I’m not picking on Hillary because she’s a democrat. I’m picking on her because she’s the Secretary of State – someone with the most to lose.

The government can claim “national security” about practically anything – and they do. This release confirms that fact. 99% of the stuff being released has NOTHING to do with national security, but everything to do with saving face.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more patriotic than keeping our government honest… both at home and around the world. It’s something we’ve really let slide over the past 80 years, and I applaud for taking the heat (and probably legal repercussions).

And as a patriot, you should read up on what’s being “classified” before the government starts censoring and suing. You can’t put this genie back in the bottle.

This website is now officially being added to a government watch list. 😛

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  1. November 29, 2010 at 8:33 pm


    I certainly appreciate and agree with your sentiments about honesty, patriotism and government. All the same, I feel conflicted about yet another barrage of scandalous documents exposed by WikiLeaks that embarrass the U.S. and compromise strategic relations amongst nations, allies and enemies alike.

    This is Assange’s third installment of substantial exposure of sensitive documentation and I’m still asking the same two questions I had when first did this:

    – Why is he doing this?
    – Does he honestly believe what he’s doing will make a positive difference in the world?

    I still haven’t seen honest, respectable answers to either question, which leads me to a very cutting and severe conclusion: Assange is only doing this for himself, not for the sake of truth, journalistic integrity, patriotism, fairness, world peace, humanity or a better, happier tomorrow.

    I proudly support those who fight for good, justice, virtue, and peace. Here we can see Assange is fighting to make a name for himself in history. He’s doing this for his own ego. No one can dare say he isn’t getting a god complex from all this. How could he not get one? After all, the most powerful nation in the world has just pleaded with him (again). Essentially, the U.S. begged him, just one man, not to do something. This is about egotism, not patriotism, and it can be found in other corners of the world, exhibited by leaders we might call tyrants. Assange is no better or worse than these individuals.

    This isn’t just a matter of national security or patriotism. This is primarily a matter of privacy and perception. No real good has come from his two previous stunts and it’ll be the same this time too. His action lacked discretion and prudence. Yet again our allies see communications with the U.S. can’t be kept private and now surely their perception of us will certainly change, some for the worse. If we lose our credibility, we lose everything. What will the cost of this be?

    I’d love to see the same treatment applied to Assange. Would he feel liberated to have countless private documents leaked to the world or would he be outraged his privacy has been unlawfully violated by another?

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