What Makes America Different – And Better

Obama’s free pass by the press and by the general public have been driving me crazy for going on two years. Even though the stock market plummeted with his election and further plummeted when he was sworn in, he is enjoying very strong poll numbers. Bush will undoubtedly take the blame for everything Obama and congress screw up for the next several years.

I honestly don’t believe that Obama is to blame for the blatant double standard being applied to the two parties. It was a perfect storm, really. We had eight years of a marvelously mediocre fake conservative in George Bush, we had the bottom fall out of the economy at the end of his second term (albeit during a Democrat-controlled congress), and the brainwashing of America’s youth had been steadily increased in our public education the past 30 years.

I’m sure you’re going to object to my brainwashing comment, so let me expound. First we got rid of prayer in schools. Ok, you can make a Constitutional case for that, even though we ARE a democracy and 80%+ Americans claim to be Christian… but that aside, separating religion from government-run schools… fine. You can have that one. We could talk about the despicableness of the way our federal government blackmails state schools into following their standards, but that’s a post for another day.

Of course, evolution is taught in schools, because it’s “science.” Not science in the sense that it’s observable or repeatable. Just science in the sense that a lot of scientists spend their lives trying to make everything they see fit into that construct. Never mind that the fossil record, size of the sun, amount of dust on the moon, etc. render these silly ideas completely impossible. Even if you don’t believe that God created the world, believing the theory of evolution shows the amount of brainwashing that’s taking place. People actually get quite heated defending the theory, because somehow we’re better off if we are the result of genetic mutations, I guess. How can you square Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics (everything is running down, becoming more disorganized) with the Theory of Evolution (everything gets better and more complex over time)? I’m asking because I genuinely CAN’T seem to make that leap of faith…

Yes, I just called evolution “faith.”

So why am I ranting about prayer in schools and evolution?

Easy, because it highlights the shift in schools from teaching subjects to teaching life philosophies. In the 1950s, your children would have been taught the pledge, followed by math, science, and english. At most, they might have learned some self control since if they didn’t they would get spanked. That was as far as the public school system delved into personal philosophy.

Then came the concept that everything has to be fair. This is possibly the most destructive, silly notion ever devised. Children naturally want everything to be fair… because children are selfish brats until you beat it out of them. A mature adult should never utter the phrase “that’s not fair.” It proves you still think like a child. If you don’t beat it out of them, they become complaining, helpless morons who vote a straight Democrat ticket. The school system perpetuates the notion of fairness by telling children that “everyone’s point of view is equally valuable” and that “everyone is just as important as you.”


You establish your value by CONTRIBUTING SOMETHING OF VALUE, YOU FRIGGIN SLOB! If you don’t contribute something valuable, you AREN’T equally valuable to someone who does. Now, before you get all religious on me… I’m not talking about your eternal soul, I’m talking about your worth as a member of society.

There are Democrats who understand the value of hard work. There are Democrats who are intellectuals, some of whom I actually listen to whenever I get the chance… for example, James Carville. Although I disagree with his philosophies, at least he has thought about what he believes to the extent that he can defend them.

But for the most part, the Democrat party has turned into the party of whining, lazy idiots. The bulk of the party (in sheer volume of voters) is made up of the underclass who keep themselves down by begging for a handout instead of pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps.

There was a book I reviewed a couple years ago called “What’s the Matter with Kansas” which stated we midwesterners were morons for voting for an “elitist party” who didn’t care about us. But the fact is, people in the midwest believe in self-sufficiency. You won’t ever hear the average midwesterner moaning about unfairness or begging for a handout. So why would a person making minimum wage and living in a trailer in Kansas or Missouri vote Republican? Well, aside from the obvious social issues, there’s a deeper reason. It’s that every single one of those people believe that if they work hard, they can be rich someday.

Is it silly to believe you can be rich someday? Is it silly to side with personal freedom and limited government if you COULD be living off the gubment instead? Or is it a fundamental difference between Americans and other less successful political philosophies around the world?

“Clinging” to our guns and religion (the 1st and 2nd Amendment, BTW) and personal freedoms ARE America as it was truly intended to be. I believe that the country was founded on hard work and personal freedom, and I believe that’s the only thing that will fix our current mess.

Many a country in turmoil has begged the government to fix everything. You won’t like how that always turns out…

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  1. March 9, 2009 at 10:52 am

    I think it would be nice if the govenrment decided to just govern and not RUN everything.

  2. livieloo
    March 9, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Hell yes! to all of the above. As for the quote “the Democrat party has turned into the party of whining, lazy idiots.” I just used almost that exact same wording earlier in the day in one of my email correspondances to a co-workers. Well said!

  3. livieloo
    March 9, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Oh, and I laughed so hard I cried. Thanks!

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