What Is With Women, Anyways?

Ok, I lied… I’m going to do 3 entries today. I have a new question, and I’m confused.
“Why the heck now that I am seeing someone, are there 10 girls that suddenly like me?” Where were they when I was single?

Is there some sort of massive conspiracy so that only people that are already with someone can find someone? It makes no sense to me. I spent 2 years not dating anyone, and there weren’t any women interested in me, at least not that would admit it. Now that I can’t date them, they are flocking to me. What the heck?

I heard the theory espoused that when a guy is single, women assume there’s something wrong with him, and when he’s with someone, they assume he must be ok, because he has a girlfriend. Once again, I must ask… What the heck? So you’re telling me that if you can get that FIRST girl, that the world is then your oyster?

Maybe there is something to the theory. It’s certainly arguable that there’s something wrong with me. But how does someone know if they don’t give me a chance? The answer of course, is they can’t know.

My theory is a bit different. I think that women are so competitive, that they will only date someone if they have to comIncredipete for him. If he’s available and interested, she figures the challenge just isn’t there, and doesn’t bother.

I’m worried, because what if my current good fortune doesn’t hold out long enough for me to secure a “backup” option. Does that mean I’m doomed for another 2 years until some woman is foolish enough to give me a shot even though I’m single…?

Is this like when you buy a new car, and even though you’ve never seen one on the road, as soon as you leave the lot, you see 42 of them on the way home? Or when you learn a new word, and you’ve never heard it before, and suddenly everyone around you and on the news starts using it. Is it possible that all this time those same women were interested in me, and I just wasn’t in tune to it, so I missed the boat?

I don’t know, you tell me.