Welcome to the Obamaverse

It’s nice to see that Obama isn’t just more of the same. He’s much worse than “the same”.

The biggest deficit ever – 1.8 trillion for next year, is four times larger than any previous deficit. Keep in mind the things we’re spending money on… still in Iraq, Afghanistan, dumping billions into corporations, spending money on congressional pet projects – all in the name of “stimulation.”

It’s stimulating something. Anger.

This isn’t politics as usual, this is a new, unbelievable scope of political blundering. He’s spending so much money it’s like Monopoly money at this point. No one can really comprehend 1.8 trillion dollars. To put it into perspective, the federal government collected 1.04 trillion dollars in income taxes in 2006. That’s total income taxes collected by the feds for an entire year. Next year’s deficit is going to be nearly double the amount collected in 06.

Now Obama’s started talking again about nationalizing health care. How’s he going to pay for it? Nobody is going to be foolish enough to keep lending him money. Doctors aren’t going to take pay cuts. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t going to create new drugs if they can’t make money selling them. What is his plan? You can’t reduce costs to consumers by killing a humongous industry that employs millions of people.

Health care won’t be free, it will be paid by taxes. So either doctors will have to take less pay or your taxes will have to go up. There isn’t some other alternative. Those are the choices we have under Obama. If Obama forces healthcare people to take cuts, what he’ll be doing is ensure that no one goes into healthcare as a profession anymore, and ensure that no more research and development are done.


We can use embryonic stem cells to create new drugs, but unfortunately thanks to Obama the pharmaceutical companies won’t have any incentive to actually invest in a new drug.

Two wrongs may just have made a right. Welcome to Obama’s universe.

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