Weekend O’Rama

Before I start, I would like to thank my brother, the Incredi-promoter, HRT, for shamelessly plugging my site on Pork Tornado. It resulted in more hits than I care to count. You da man!

Something a bit disturbing happened in my “referrers” over the weekend. Someone did a Google search for “Naked Kids” and then somehow followed a link to my movie review entry. I couldn’t imagine how that happened, until I read the entry. Apparently I talked about the 3 naked hot tub kids from “Minority Report.” Scary. The really really scary part was there were 9 seperate searches for “Naked Kids” that led to my site. Next thing you know, I’ll be getting investigated by the FBI. Not good.

ANYWAY, I had a very long weekend. Friday after work, the vet called me back, and decided to do a full blood workup on Abby. She is afraid that Abby might have pancreatic cancer, although she wouldn’t swear to it, and said it also may be something in her diet… Medicine is definitely not an exact science. So I’m on pins and needles today waiting to hear the results. Cross your fingers for my little one.

Saturday was highly busy, starting with a morning trip with my mom to look at carpet. I insisted on the cream colored Berber with copper accents. 75 cents a square foot is pretty good, eh? After that it was off to puppy class, where Abby impressed the heck out of the rest of the class, and the large audience of Petsmart shoppers that had gathered to watch. The test for the day was for two commands “Come” and “Leave it.” Both commands are highly important, and could end up saving the dog’s life, so it’s a plus. The test was this: The teacher blocked off a long aisle of the store, and then threw stuffed animals, dog candy, and hot dog chunks on the floor from one end to the other. She would hold our dog while we went to the far end, and then we had to call the dog and keep them from picking up any toys or treats. I don’t know if Abby is really smart, or really dumb, but either way, she was the only dog that didn’t pick anything up. In fact, all of the other dogs picked up ALL of the treats. It was so funny. The audience was laughing at them, and then it was Abby’s turn, and I guess they expected her to enjoy the buffet, too, but she tore down the aisle at top speed to get to me. The audience cheered, and then they all wanted to meet her and love on her. What a little showoff! I have a feeling I might just have the valedictorian of puppy class… I’ll know in 3 weeks.

After puppy class, I went to play golf. It resulted in a very ugly score, but the last 3 holes were in almost complete darkness, so I can’t really be too surprised. I hope to go play again this week sometime.

Sunday I had my family over, and I cooked. Yes, me. I cooked. Believe it. I made au gratin pototoes, sweet corn, filet mignon, chicken, and pork tenderloin. Then to top it off, I made brownie sundaes. Yes, I made the brownies, too.

One of the highlights of the weekend was buying my first complete set of dishes and silverware. I had a gift card for Target, so I went there expecting to still cough up some serious money, but ended up only spending 8 dollars out of pocket. Not bad for 8 place settings of dishes and silverware. I am stylin’ and profilin’.

In closing, I would like to remind everyone that tonight on Monday Night Football the Mighty Chiefs are meeting the Baltimore Buzzards. Make sure you’re watching. I’ll know.