Weekend At The Lake

Well, the weekend is over, and I didn’t drown. At least, I don’t think I did. I almost fell into a water hazard at the golf course, but I think I could have survived one foot of water.

Speaking of golf, this was my very first golf expedition ever. I’ve played putt putt, or course, but never “real” golf. So playing 18 holes was fairly ambitious. However, I would like to state for the record, that I shot a 99 on my very first game, and I’m not talking about just the first hole. That was for 18 holes. Call it beginner’s luck if you want, but I prefer to think of it as natural incredi-skills.

The best part of the day was driving recklessly around in the golf cart. The course was called the “River-Mountain” course at Osage National Golf Club. It was pretty much made up of giant hills and incredibly steep paths. I did some hill jumping and doughnuts, but I got worried that they would bust me, so I settled down as we got closer to the clubhouse.

Now I am glowing a scary shade of hot pink, because I didn’t bother with any of that “girlie” sunblock crap. Real men don’t use sunblock. I have a feeling my bald head is going to be peeling pretty bad in a couple of days.

Abby enjoyed the trip. She was pretty good in the car, which is amazing during almost 9 hours of driving. Except for one severe bout of doggy gas, she was perfect. Granted, everyone in the car was trying to jump out of the moving vehicle to get away from the smell, but sometimes you just have to overlook these little flaws.

Besides, I’m pretty sure it was my brother, and he was just blaming the dog. Although it smelled an awful lot like those barbeque doggy bisquits she’d been eating…

I took too much AmbienĀ® last night (accidentally took it twice) and went into a mild coma. I woke up this morning with Abby slapping me over and over, yelling “Dad, are you ok? Dad…? Dad…?”

Wow do I ever feel well rested.