Website Announcement

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ANNOUNCEMENT: This site now offers nested comments. That means you can reply directly to someone else’s comment and they will know you’re talking to them. To comment on someone else’s comment, click “Reply” directly under their comment. The comment form will then say “Leave a Reply to [their name]”, and when you post your comment, it will appear directly under the comment you’re replying to, indented so it’s obvious.

This feature will allow you to yell at each other without me being confused and thinking you’re yelling at me. It also allows for easier debate, because everyone will know who’s talking about what. You can even reply to a reply. 🙂

Now, I know what some of you are thinking “Boy, I sure would like that on my website.” Yes, it’s a cool feature, just came available in WordPress. I’d be happy to set it up for you, but since it takes about an hour per site, I can’t do it for free. I’ll be spending my next three days working for nothing if I agree to do that. So if you’d like to have your site set up for it, and you’re willing to part with twenty bucks, let me know. Otherwise, check out for instructions and try doing it yourself. Don’t forget to backup files before changing them (I screwed up my site 3 times before I got it right).