So as you all know, Jenna was laid off a couple of MONTHS ago.

She is still waiting for her unemployment INTERVIEW. They sent her a letter back in September that said it was scheduled for October 27th. Of course, after that is over, we still have to wait for their decision, and if approved, still have to wait for the first check.

How does a person living check to check survive if they have to wait 3 months + for their first unemployment check to arrive?!

What the F is wrong with the state of Kansas that they need that long to even SPEAK to you?! Doesn’t that indicated you MIGHT need to hire more screeners, or maybe you need to do LESS screening?

Jenna was laid off, no cause was given. It’s a clear case of someone deserving unemployment. Jenna didn’t quit. She wasn’t fired for stealing from the company.

The whole thing just ticks me off, because we’re both having to suffer because of the idiocy of our great state.

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    The only salvation would be that they have to pay the back unemployment due. Did the company contest it?

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