Tourette Syndrome

Tourette syndrome, which I learned is not actually ever called Tourette’s with an “s”, is real. And it appears to be quite inconvenient.

Sure, it has it’s plus side – you can curse without retribution. But sometimes cursing just doesn’t meet with general standards of decorum. Like in the case of the guy I just met who has Tourette syndrome.

I met him at church. Not my church, but at A church. He was a music leader for a young adults group. And dude could NOT stop saying “F@# YOUR A@!#$ M@$@$#F*&)@#”. I mean, every 5 seconds. Same phrase every time.

For some reason, when he was singing, it didn’t happen, but as soon as he stopped, “F@# YOUR A@!#$ M@$@$#F*&)@#.” Including when he would pray. He was pretty good at taking the mic away from his face when he would say it, but you could still hear it faintly. And occasionally he wouldn’t quite get the mic moved in time, and then he would say “F@# YOUR A@!#$ M@$@$#F*&)@#” through the PA system, which was VERY strange to hear in church.

I’m not going to bag on this guy. He’s clearly making the best of his lot in life by trying to serve. However, I’m not sure I agree with his choice of servitude options. Someone who frequently blurts “F@# YOUR A@!#$ M@$@$#F*&)@#” isn’t necessarily the best choice for on-stage performance. Nor would the job of church “greeter.” A guest at a church doesn’t generally expect to hear “Good morning, welcome to our church. F@# YOUR A@!#$ M@$@$#F*&)@#.” Just like a guest at a church doesn’t expect the worship pastor to say “thank you God, praise God, F@# YOUR A@!#$ M@$@$#F*&)@#.”

There have to be more suitable ways for this guy to serve. Like the sound guy. Nobody can hear what the sound guy says because they stick him at the back in a booth. Or how about the drummer. Drummer’s get stuck at the back of the stage behind a soundproof plexiglass cage. How about janitor? People EXPECT the janitor to walk around saying “F@# YOUR A@!#$ M@$@$#F*&)@#.”

So in summary, it obviously sucks to be this guy. It also sucks that he has chosen a position in a church that lets him shout “F@# YOUR A@!#$ M@$@$#F*&)@#” 150 times per service. Through the PA system.

Did I mention how weird it was to have a conversation with someone who was super nice but who also interjected “F@# YOUR A@!#$ M@$@$#F*&)@#” every other sentence? Because it was weird.

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  1. Livieloo
    February 16, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Ahahaha. I really don’t know what else to say…

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