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Now that I’m five years into this whole blogging thing, I thought I’d do a cop out entry where I give you links to the top 10 posts of all time (in terms of how many people read it), along with some thoughts about them. Interestingly, no other posts cracked 10,000 page views.

10. Best & Worst Movies (12,127 page views) – I think this was popular because it generated a lot of random web traffic. People who do not read my blog stumbled on in because of the keywords. I don’t think it’s an interesting post at all. There’s no accounting for taste.

9. Other Cultures Suck (12,433 page views) – Clearly this one was interesting to people because it was inflammatory. I got a lot of international readers on this post, and it’s undoubtedly because I said their culture sucks.

8. The Blonde Antichrist (12,782 page views) – People thought this was funny because a) it made Incredipete look like a wuss for being shy, b) the word “antichrist” was used in the title, and c) Incredipete had a crush on an evil girl.

7. IncrediJennaIncredipete (12,965 page views) – Everyone loves a sordid affair, so they all tuned in to see if I’d disclose any intimate details of my first trip to see Jenna. Of course, they were disappointed. Ha!

6. Shove Your Moral Relativism (13,485 page views) – Not sure why this one was popular. I liked it, but then… I’m weird.

5. George Tiller Reaps What He Sowed (13,520 page views) – I ticked more than a couple people off when I implied I wasn’t sad about Tiller being gunned down. If anyone ever had it coming… it was him.

4. The Environment is Overrated (14,126 page views) – Indeed, the environment is overrated. And environmentalists are wasting their time. The climate changes. Deal with it.

3. The Responsibility Illusion (14,539 page views) – This one generated a lot of comments and email. Apparently a lot of people related to this concept. When I was writing it I didn’t think it was that great, but apparently you all thought differently.

2. Dew the Genocide (16,139 page views) – Apparently people thought it was pretty funny when I reported that Hitler was alive and manufacturing Mountain Dew as a way to enslave and exterminate Westerners.

1. Who Knew Cats Could Sing Italian Opera (22,454 page views) – By far the most read post I’ve ever written. The post itself is not at all interesting, but the hilarious catfight between “Ms. Right (Melissa)” and “Jennyanydots (Molly)” was too funny for words. I liked it because it was a catfight over me. The readers liked it because it was a catfight. Molly hasn’t read my site since that day. Winner – Ms. Right.

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  1. livieloo
    July 14, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    I found it thoroughly intertaining to read all of those.

  2. July 14, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    I can’t believe you read all of them! I didn’t even do that! 🙂

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