Tonight’s the Night!

Finally, tonight I take my finals… my final finals.

That is, assuming that the ice storm doesn’t result in class cancellations. Right now the school is open, but they canceled evening classes last night, and that could happen again.

Graduation is on Friday afternoon, but in a strange twist of fate, if classes get canceled tonight, I’ll be taking my finals on Saturday night. STOO-PID.

Of course, all of the schools in KC are closed to day in spite of the fact that there is not actually one single patch of ice anywhere in the city. The temperature has hovered between 31 and 34 degrees last night and today, so the trees are coated, but not the roads. I’ll bet there are a lot of frustrated parents at home with kids today when they didn’t need to be…

So, I can’t decide whether I should study as if finals are tonight, or party in hopes they are Saturday night. I really don’t want to have finals AFTER graduation. Please weather, hold out just a few more hours!

Did I mention my office is fricking freezing?