Todd Haley

Our new head coach, Todd Haley, has coached 6 games as the Chiefs head coach. He has one once. Thus, the morons in Kansas City media are ready to run him out of town.

Never mind that we lost 25 of 26 games BEFORE Haley got here.

The Chiefs haven’t had a good coach since Dick Vermiel retired. The only reason Herm Edwards managed 8-8 his first season was he still had Vermiel’s team pretty much in place.

Herm ran us into the ground with his moronic, wussy, buddy-buddy system.

Todd Haley took a craptastic offense at Arizona and turned it into a Superbowl contender… using the players they already had in place. It didn’t happen overnight, but over a couple of seasons, he made it happen.

If Haley can pull of 4 wins this year, he will double what we did last year. I have a lot of confidence that he is the right guy. He’s a tough nut who’s not afraid to put these guys in their place, which is what we need after wusscake Edwards.

Let’s look at Haley at the end of 2010 and decide if he’s got the right stuff. Until then, let’s let the poor man have a chance.