Time for Compromise

No, I’m not talking about Democrats and Republicans. I don’t believe either party should compromise. That’s what’s gotten us into this predicament in the first place.

I’m talking about the prominent ad I’ve put on my sidebar.

Yes, I know I have always said I’d never advertise. Well, I don’t get any revenue for advertising LiquidWeb. I’m advertising them because they have been incredible to work with, and I want to recommend them to anyone who needs a dedicated server.

Of course, if you just want to host a website, you should come to me.

Their claim to fame is quality and support, not cheapness (as most hosts are these days). While running IHS, I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the best data centers in the country.

I’ve had servers at Verio (in D.C.), Fortress ITX (in Maryland), Equinix (Chicago) and ColoServe (San Fransisco). LiquidWeb, based in Michigan, has impressed the crap out of me ever since I put my first server in there about a year ago.

My first centers were Fortress ITX and Verio back in 2004. Both have very good track records, both have 99.98% uptime, and both have 24/7 support. The way their support works is you submit a ticket electronically, their level 1 guys try to answer it and then escalate if necessary. They don’t have level 3 guys there 24/7, so if it’s a critical application they have to page someone in the middle of the night. That takes time.

Equinix I chose for their reputation, and again… good infrastructure, slow support. Not to mention, when you host at any of those other places, you are expected to do all of your own software updates (including linux, apache, etc.) as well as your own security and backup. For those of you who know… that’s a lot of work when you’re talking about a fairly good number of servers.

I purposefully located them all over the country to avoid being killed by outages like that one that took out the entire East Coast (a big ICANN server flaked out).

However, upon further examination, that wouldn’t have saved me anyhow, because a big chunk of the DNS hardware is part of that network.

LiquidWeb has fully managed dedicated hosting. You can buy a server, but they configure and keep it secure, updated, manage backups, etc. They have load balancers, offsite continuous backup, dedicated switches, remote KVM, etc (for a price of course). They have a 30 minute support guarantee (they average 10 minutes), they have a 100% uptime guarantee (the only data center in the country to offer that), and a 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee. They offer all of those guarantees even with their cheapest dedicated servers (starting around $150 per month).

Add to that the fact I can directly call a level 3 admin 24/7 and speak to him immediately… I can’t tell you how much money that’s worth to me.

IHS migrated all of our servers to Lansing, Michigan this past weekend. I still get redundancy because they have my servers spread out across their data centers. Each data center has an n+1 rating, so even a single data center is redundant within itself.

Now… all this joy and happiness doesn’t come free. Each server is $940 PER MONTH. Granted, they are NICE servers. Cadillacs.

For you nerds out there: Dual Xeon E5420 2.5Ghz quad core processors, 8GB RAM, RAID 1 500GB SCSI array, 500GB SATA Backup drive, Guardian Continuous Remote Backup (500GB), 4800GB/month tier one bandwidth, and a dedicated gigabit uplink port for each server.

When you add up all my servers there’s quite a bit of money exchanging hands in the name of IHS. This is why I don’t make any money at IHS even though I have a crapload of customers… My goal is to be quality AND cheap. You can’t do that and get rich…

Anyhow, the one thing I DON’T sell through IHS is dedicated servers, so if that’s something you or your company needs, click my link to LiquidWeb and you’ll see what I mean. They are the best. Yes, if anyone ever DOES use my link AND buys a server, then I will get a referral fee.

I may be a whore, but at least I’m not selling Google ads.

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    July 21, 2009 at 12:15 pm

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