Three Kinds of People

I have finally successfully divided everyone in the country into three political categories. No, I don’t mean Conservative, Moderate, and Liberal. I don’t mean Democrat, Republican, and Nazi.

My line if thinking is far more advanced than that, and I think once you think about it, you’ll agree.

As citizens of the United States, we are all raised to believe that every individual is special and has a voice in how the country is run. On it’s surface, that sounds good, and we even have a political system that claims to do that through representative government.

However, the two party system has destroyed any chance of Joe Sixpack having any influence on the direction of the country (just as George Washington predicted).

That leaves three kinds of people.

First, there are the powerful. They aren’t necessarily rich, but chances are they came from money and bought their way into a position in government. These people have one agenda – stay in power. They are willing to do that by any means necessary. These days, all that requires is a good PR firm to market you. Yes, there’s a “struggle” between the two parties that constantly jockeys back and forth, but when was the last time you could tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat? I don’t mean based on rhetoric – I mean based on their actions.

There’s no real difference, and that’s because both parties want one thing – to be in charge. He who is in charge gets to hold the country’s wallet. And that’s a pretty good gig. I wouldn’t want to give it up, either.

No one reading my blog is in the first category. People with that kind of power don’t care what the proletarians think.

That means you fall into one of the following categories.

There are the politically astute person without any power. That was me until recently. I thought if I educated myself and then educated others, engaged in grass-roots political action, etc. that I could impact the direction of the country… at least on a local level. I honestly believed I had a voice. Then I’d watch the news every day and it would make me angry, anxious, and generally disillusioned. It didn’t matter what logic and common sense dictated… the government did the opposite. It didn’t matter how much people in Washington lied (of both parties), they kept getting elected. It didn’t even matter that Washington politicians promised one thing and did the opposite. We blindly put them back into office over and over.

I finally realized that the first group of people have 100% of the power. It doesn’t really matter what the other 95% of the people in the country do, think, or fight for. It’s really moot.

That’s when I decided I need, for the sake of my own health, to move myself into category three.

These are the people who ignore politics altogether. They have a vague notion that we have a President who occasionally gets replaced, and if they can name him, they’re doing well. They don’t know how Barney Frank contributed to the mortgage meltdown while claiming it was George Bush. They believe everything the media spoon feeds them.

But what I realized is that the ignorant people and the powerful people are the only ones that are happy. Ignorance really is bliss, because there’s no downside to being ignorant of things that only have the potential to upset you, and that you can’t affect or control.

I was losing sleep over the crazy things people were doing in Washington. The lies they were telling, the hypocritical finger pointing. The double standards. It really did upset me.

About a month ago, I switched my radio away from the news and politics and put the dial on 610 Sports Radio. I stopped reading political news. I don’t even listen to the local talk show that focuses on Kansas City politics. I cut myself off completely.

And guess what… I’m happier, less stressed out, and less anxious.

I used to think it was awful that people were willfully ignorant. Now I know THEY were the smart ones all along.