Things I Miss About My Old Job

I have a great job now, but there are some things I miss about my old one. I worked there for almost 10 years, and that’s a long time to get used to something. Without further ado, here’s my list:

10. The smell of ink and the sound of the presses and bindery equipment
9. Going to lunch with friends every day
8. The crazy girls who propositioned me (and flashed me) regularly
7. The woman who told me “I was here before you were born, and I’ll be here after you’re dead” when I became her supervisor
6. Being able to see screen angles with the naked eye
5. The three minute commute
4. Night shift
3. The manager who hated me because I was male
2. Doing quality statistics
1. The easily-manipulated rumor mill

Yes, it was a fun place to work. There’s no wondering why people hardly ever leave there permanently. Some people quit and then go back after a year or two. I’m one of the rare exceptions that has left for good.

You might think that some of those items look like bad things, but I assure you, they stink of familiarity. I get nostalgic even about the nutty people who hated me. I really enjoyed night shift my first few years there. Those were my favorite times. Here’s a picture of the rag-tag night crew: