The Paper Towel Guy

I would just like to point out to those of you rude enough to talk trash about the Chiefs-Colts game… looks like ya’ll might have spoken just a TAD too soon.

I’m just sayin…

So after spending several days sick, I finally started recovering. I installed a new counter in my kitchen, so I have an extra 8 feet of counterspace. Believe me, the more the merrier. I put it at bar height, so I’d have a place to hang out and eat breakfast. Then for good measure I set up a tv on it. Now it’s all good.

Then today was the Chiefs who spanked Peyton Manning like the silly little B____ he is. He can take his arrogant, unprepossessing kiester back to Indy where he belongs.

I made some mean pork chops while we tailgated. It was some good KC eatin’, with the Gates Barbeque sauce…. that’s the real stuff. Don’t let’em fool you with that nasty “KC Masterpiece Barbeque sauce.” That stuff is nasty. If you want the real stuff, you need Gates, or Arthur Bryants. That’s the true taste of Kansas City. KC Masterpiece is more like ketchup and molasses than barbeque…

This entry probably makes no sense because I’m getting interrupted by trick-or-treaters every two seconds. One more reason for me to not like Halloween. Little kids taking all my candy. Dang them.
I am dressed up as Mr. Clean. They all seem to recognize me. One kid yelled “HEY, it’s the paper towel guy!!!” I look good with a hoop ear ring. I should get my ears pierced.



Well, the Bears game is about to start, so I must get back to my tv. Later