The Ongoing Saga of Discomfort

It’s a humid, but reasonably cool day today… about 70 degrees.

That’s outdoors.

Here at the office, it’s in the mid 80’s and humid. Per usual, the maintenance crew has decided that air conditioning is not necessary in our building. There isn’t so much as a light breeze, so the windows really aren’t helping. It’s making me hot and angry. I’m positive I could get more done somewhere else.

This building has been a joke. Six leasing companies and five management companies in just the past 3 years. The bank recently foreclosed, so now the building is owned by a bank and being managed by someone (theoretically) who reports to the bank. The bank is losing money hand over fist, so frankly they don’t care if we’re uncomfortable. They wouldn’t be that much worse off if we left, so they barely do anything around here.

70% of the building has been vacant for at least 2 years, and there is just one other tenant left besides our company. Both of us are considering leaving.

I am fine with being cold. I’m fine with doing my own dusting. I’m fine with a marginally clean bathroom. I’m NOT fine with heat.

I’d like to punch the owners in the throat.