The NFL Today

Things I liked in the NFL today:

1. The Patriots lost (always a good thing)
2. The Cowboys lost (always a good thing, and especially entertaining when it’s crybaby Romo’s fault) their home opener in the 50 zillion dollar new stadium
3. Aaron Rogers just isn’t Brett Favre (go figure)
4. Kurt Warner is showing why he was a 2 time MVP, and it couldn’t happen to a better guy
5. It looks like the 3-4 defense is going to work for the Chiefs (if we can just figure out how to score points now)
6. Brett Favre is looking like the second coming of Joe Montana, and it couldn’t be happening to a better guy (I’ll cheer for Favre wherever he goes)

Things I didn’t like in the NFL today:

1. The Chiefs snatched defeat from the jaws of victory after dominating the entire game (making them 2 of their last 26)
2. Denver won their game
3. Tony Gonzales had 7 catches for 71 yards (I’m not mad at his stats, just that the Chiefs let him go)
4. The Eagles getting thoroughly dominated by the Saints (albeit without McNabb)
5. Buffalo won (I cheer for whoever is playing against them)
6. Matt Cassel didn’t play smart (not a good sign)
7. The coaching at the end of the first half of the Chiefs game was horrendous (not a good sign about Todd Haley)