The Name Change

You may have noticed that the site doesn’t really reference “IncrediIncredipete” anymore, except where I comment on posts.

The Compassionate Conservative is the culmination of the direction the blog has taken over the past several years. Initially, I wrote mostly personal anecdotes and rants, occasionally throwing in a political topic. That mix started to change a couple of years ago, really becoming more of a social commentary than a place for personal anecdotes. Certainly, I still throw in updates sometimes, but that’s no longer the theme.

I still plan on writing the same tongue-in-cheek sarcasm as before, and I doubt regular readers will notice any difference aside from the name.

However, I feel that the new name will reach a demographic that will be interested in the topics on this site, whereas “IncrediIncredipete” doesn’t really have a demographic at all. Nobody searches Google for “IncrediIncredipete.” However, people looking for conservative writing are more likely to find the site now.

Never fear, you don’t need to change your bookmarks if you don’t want to. IncrediIncredipete and Incredipedro will still work. I’ll still write personal stuff when it happens. I’ll still write pointless drivel from time to time. Like today.

So that’s the story of how IncrediIncredipete became The Compassionate Conservative.

PS – I intend to pass 1,000 posts this year, as well as 10,000,000 hits, both of which are achievable goals.

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  1. March 31, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Change can be difficult for most people to accept. It is even harder for people to instigate. Congrats, and good luck!

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