The Middle East Sucks

Having spent the past few days in weather resembling the Middle East, I was inspired to write a generic rant about everything wrong with them.

The Middle Eastern countries all hate each other, hate the infidels (everyone who isn’t Muslim), are ruled either by royal families funded by oil, or by religious wackos like the Supreme Leader in Iran.

Before there was oil in the Middle East, there was only sand. Sand and camels. Middle Easterners fought with swords and sticks, but basically just sat around in tents trying not to cook in the 120 degree heat.

We changed all that (we being the infidels) by discovering and paying for trillion gajillion barrels of oil.

Now that they had money, they could buy modern weapons. Modern weapons in the hands of backwards tribal kooks never works out well.

We then stirred the pot again by helping Israel (the sworn enemy of all Muslim countries) and not only defending them but selling them fighter jets and nukes.

We didn’t make the Middle East worse than it was, but we did provide them with the tools to kill people at a much faster rate. This was especially foolish since we’re infidels and they want us dead.

I’ve long contended that if we stopped buying oil from the Middle East, they’d be back to riding camels and fighting with swords inside of a week. Unfortunately it looks as though they’re all going to nuke each other before that happens.

I just hope they nuke each other before they have missiles that can reach us…