The Home Stretch

So, today I’m sitting in the computer lab at school, working on my final presentation for my Forecasting Theory class. I’ve been working on a project all semester (which will be culminating in nearly 100 page final report) which I get to present to the class tonight.

Before that I have a presentation in my ERP class, titled “Use of Bayesian Probabilities in Implementation of Statistical Process Control in Distribution Networks.” I’m not making that up.

Sadly, the software I need for my analysis, Forecast Pro XE, costs about 2k, so I have to use it here on campus. I much prefer working in the privacy of my office at home, with the sound of the dogs fighting in the background. It’s much better than all of the inconsiderate jerks here in the lab who are talking on their phone, despite the sign that says “Don’t talk on your phones in here, you jerks!”

But what can you do?

So, after tonight I’m basically done with my semester. I just have to show up and veg out next week.

Friday is Jenna’s birthday, so make sure you go drop by and wish her a happy one!

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    school sucks.

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