The Environment is Overrated – Part 3

I’ve always contended that we, the human species, are incapable of destroying the planet. We might be capable of making it unsuitable for certain species, and you know what, that’s ok. If we need some oil, then those caribou are just gonna have to deal with it. If God wanted them to be ok, he would have either put them somewhere else besides over the oil, or he would have given them defensive capabilities suitable for fighting us off.

But he didn’t, and that’s just tough noogies for them.

We hear so much about global warming these days. It’s fricking idioted, and that’s not being fair to idioted people.

Here. Read this:

“According to the free-market environment organization PERC (Political Economy Research Center) in Bozeman, Mont., a majority of climate scientists have never endorsed the notion that human activity is causing global warming or that warming is a crisis that requires immediate urgent action, such as that demanded by the Kyoto Protocol.” (( Newsmax ))

How about this:

“In May of 1996, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change {IPCC}, presented a draft of its report in December 1995, and it was approved by the delegations. However, when the printed report appeared in May 1996, substantial changes and deletions had been made to the body of the report to make it conform to the Policymakers Summery. Among them, two key paragraphs written by the scientists, and agreed to, were deleted.

They said:

1. None of the studies cited above has shown clear evidence that we can attribute the observed climate changes to increases in greenhouse gases.

2. No study to date had positively attributed all or part of the climate change to …man-made causes.” (( Hypography ))

And of course there’s this:

“The alarmists incessantly chant the mantra, “an overwhelming consensus of scientists” agree human activity is causing significant global warming. But just who are these scientists? They never tell us.

This is probably because thousands of scientists worldwide–an overwhelming consensus, it could easily be argued–reject alarmist global warming theory. More than 17,000 of them, including dozens of Nobel laureates, have signed a petition saying no convincing scientific evidence supports the theory of catastrophic global warming. You can read the petition for yourself at” (( ))

And I could go on for days and probably weeks quoting eleventy jillion credible scientists that reject the notion that human activity is in any way causing global warming. The fact is, there are literally tens of thousands of credible scientists who believe that global warming is a result of climate fluctuations that have been going on for millenia.

So, why is this “carbon footprint” crap all we ever hear about? Why are the Al Gore’s, the Hollywood elite, and university professors all hopping on this idiotic bandwagon?

And of course, the answer is very simple. It’s politics. Republicans believe in a free market, holding free enterprise above many other things, like environment. Democrats want to crush the Republicans, and they’ve realized that they get creamed every time they use social issues as their platform, they get creamed when they use economics as their platform… so they’ve picked something that “sounds” like a good cause, and then they started a media blitz, signing up Hollywood bafoons to get the public into a frenzy.

Ironically, the lefties that hate big business and fossil fuels also hate nuclear power plants. It seems they’d rather live in shacks with no lights or plumbing. Oh wait… ironically, the lefties that believe this are mostly East Coast rich snobs living in big houses driving big SUVs flying around the country shooting tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

Still, I’m not going to judge them for being hypocrites. After all, even with all of their conspicuous consumption, the human race still only accounts for 4% of the carbon emissions each year… if you include breathing!

Global warming isn’t a scientific issue, it’s not a social issue, it’s pure politics. If you’re gullible (which most lefties are), you probably think that the ice caps are gonna melt and ruin your summer barbeque in about 5 years.

If you believe it, I suggest you stop driving, stop living in an air conditioned house with lighting, stop using manufactured products (including natural foods packaged in plastic), and stop using your computer, which is both manufactured AND requires electricity. In fact, if you’re reading my post, and you’re concerned about global warming… maybe you’d better shut down… your carbon footprint is getting bigger by the second!

  4 comments for “The Environment is Overrated – Part 3

  1. April 24, 2007 at 11:37 am

    I don’t understand why conservatives aren’t even willing to admit that there might be such a thing as global warming (and I’m smart enough to know that either side can find experts to support whatever their argument is). I mean, will your republican card be taken away if you say something that a liberal is speaking about might have a little bit of merit behind it?

    Whatever the democrats say, the republicans are going to shoot it down – no matter what it is, and vice versa. It is this kind of divisiveness in politics that drives me crazy, and makes me not listen to anyone – right OR left.

    And FYI, I don’t consider myself just a “lefty”, mister.

  2. April 24, 2007 at 11:50 am

    I’m completely willing to admit there may be global warming – as in “climate shift.” What I think is dumb is the notion that humans are responsible for it.

  3. April 25, 2007 at 4:18 am

    I admit that there is global warming. Just like there was 1 million years ago when the earth got hot and killed some of the slower moving dinosaurs. There was an Ice Age, and then it melted..THAT was global warming, it happens, we,as humans, are insignificant in the big scheme and most of what you read and see is nothing more then a bad sci-fi movie.

  4. Dave
    April 26, 2007 at 12:47 pm

    I think that if people are responsible for global warming, then it’s probably just Al Gore’s mom…shade in the summer, heat in the winter…
    And for the record, the hottest day ever was in El Azizia in 1922 on September 13. The air temperature (not the ground surface temp) reached 136 degrees Fahrenheit (or 57.8 degrees Celsius, for the lefties who wish we were more like Canada or Europe). Let’s see, that was 85 years ago! Now, 2005 was supposedly the hottest year in recorded history, but in reality, this can be attributed to the fact that we have recently added thousands of temperature trackers all around the world that we did not have in 1922. It is just as likely that 1922 would have been the hottest recorded year had we had the equipment we now have. And if we add a few hundred more trackers, 2008 could be the hottest recorded year. Face it, Incredipete’s just telling it like it is…

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