Thanks, I’ll just do it myself.

I thought…. if I have motivated college students from College Pro doing my painting, that’s got to be better than some shady contractor.

I was wrong. It took more than 10 walkarounds with me pointing out OBVIOUS problems before it was up to 80% quality and I finally gave up. They didn’t replace any of the wood rot (they just painted over it) and they didn’t caulk anything.

As of today the house is peeling in the spots where they didn’t prep the wood, and the wood rot has only gotten worse. Almost all of the stain they applied to my deck has peeled up, and I personally had to go out after the crew left so I could paint around the bottom of the house where they didn’t bother painting. Apparently my 24″ bushes were just too hard to work around.

After just 2 years, I had to start getting quotes for another paint job. The College Pro crew told me it should last 7 years because it was rolled not sprayed. My next door neighbor had her house painted the same month by another crew for half the price, and hers is in perfect condition.

I have never been as disappointed with a contractor.

If you ever have the opportunity to hire College Pro, do yourself a favor and just paint the damn thing yourself.

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  1. August 2, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Schwarzenberger Painting (913) 236-6902 The owner's name is Luke Schwarzenberger. They were great!

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