Tea Party

A lot has been made of the tea parties that happened on tax day. Depending on what news you watched, you either heard that it was a bunch of anti-Obama nuts or you heard the truth.

The concept was to protest the hand-over-fist spending and the inevitable increases in taxes that will have to occur to pay for it in the future. Taxed Enough Already was the acronym. This had nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats. It certainly had nothing to do with being anti-Obama. This was about standing together and letting the government know we don’t approve of the recklessness they’re showing right now… and frankly that they showed the past few years under W.

Joe Biden says it’s patriotic to pay taxes. I’m afraid the founding fathers would disagree with him, since the original reason for the revolution was taxes.

I guess the thing that’s shocking to me is that any American that isn’t a member of congress WOULDN’T AGREE with what they were saying at these tea parties. If you aren’t outraged by the government’s unchecked growth… then as the old adage says, you aren’t paying attention!

There were a lot of East Coast snobs thumbing their noses at the tea party idea as a bunch of right-wing kooks. I guess they must like the warmth of the sand around their heads. This should cross party lines. What we want is for the government to get back to what they are supposed to be doing and get their hands out of everything else. If you read the constitution, the list of things the FEDERAL government is supposed to be doing, it’s a pretty darn short list. The rest is left to the states.

Frankly, if a state can’t figure out how to run itself, then everyone will move out. That’s the beauty of our system. Nobody has to live somewhere in the US that they don’t like.

I could never live in California. That state is run by the biggest bunch of crooks and kooks in the country. They are regulating their way out of existence.

I could also never live in New York or Boston. They’ve decided that they want to basically be localized welfare states with ridiculous tax rates. Between the New York city tax and the New York state tax, it adds up to 21%. And then you still have to pay the feds. To put that into perspective, my total local and state tax here in Kansas is about 5%.

But people have a choice. If the state of New York acts in a stupid enough manner, they will drive out their residents.

My desire is that people stop getting their news from one place. Whether that be Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times… all of these news outlets have their own agenda. Instead of believing whatever they spoon feed you, why don’t you venture out and see for yourself what the grass-roots taxation movement is all about.

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  1. HRT
    April 20, 2009 at 9:48 am

    …and I could never live in Kansas. I can’t imagine living in a place that was just flat with no geographic relief, 18 hours from the nearst ocean, and where tornado warnings are seriously for real.

    Plains life is not for me, but then that’s the beauty of the system right?!?

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