Supreme Pizza Court

So, Harriet whatever-her-name-is withdrew her name from the nomination. I have to laugh at this one, because Bush really outdid himself.

You all know, I’m an archconservative in every stereotypical sense, but George Bush is an idiot. The war in Iraq is a crock, his senior staff is about to be indicted for some serious stuff, and he just doesn’t seem to have the brains god gave a goose.

Harriet what’s-her-name was a small time, disbarred old broad who “wants to let her Constitutional philosophy evolve once she is on the court.” Excuse me? I have a hard time believing she’s even READ the Constitution, let alone understands it.

I have a broader, more focused rage at the concept of a “Supreme” court, anyway. I thought that in a democratic republic the legislature was supposed to make the laws, based on their constituent’s opinions. Apparently those in the Supreme Pizza Court think that they can dicate the law of the land to people regardless of the majority opinion.

And apparently most politicians think that’s ok. And I don’t get that. But whatever… maybe I didn’t pay enough attention in Civics. However, my take is that representative government should, well, represent the people. Go figure.

But back to Harriet Doe. The events surrounding her nomination and withdrawal are fishy at best, but I still have to wonder… can’t we at least let someone go to the judicial committee before we destroy them in the press? I would love to have heard what she had to say for herself, as I’m sure it would have been highly entertaining and would have probably provided vast fodder for this site.

My only comfort is that GW is going to do the next nomination, too. I’m guessing the next person will be a highly polished, probably minority, and probably incredibly qualified for the job. Experience is a harsh teacher. Bee-itch.

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  1. October 28, 2005 at 8:13 am

    Welcome to the Independet consevetive right wing gun toting humanistic side of life Incredipete! I always new you’d convert to the dar..semi grey side of things. Remeber it isn’t the politicians fault, it’s the systems fault for creating politicians.

  2. Rik
    October 28, 2005 at 5:30 pm

    Interesting. My take? Glad you asked. The next nomination simply has to have had a legal background. It’s like GW trying to appoint David Duke to head the NAACP. “Fuck that!!! Are you nuts?” Then all he’s gotta do is nominate a black guy and wham…Confirmation. GW may be an idiot, but Miers was NEVER going to be a Justice, and GW KNEW it. He was softening up the critics. It’s the antithesis of “crying wolf.”

  3. October 29, 2005 at 12:19 pm

    For once I can actually speak sort-of from experience on the subject at hand! I used to work for the managing partner for the 5th largest law firm in Texass. Harriet Miers was the President of said firm. She is one tough cookie and one hell of a lawyer. I think she caught a total wave of bullcrap in the press. She is very strongly in favour of women’s rights and personally, I think she would have been an excellent addition to the Supreme Court. And, yes, I met her several times and while her reputation as “a bulldog in size 6 pumps” had most of the lawyers trembling, she was very nice to me. End of story.

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