Sorry for Screwing Up America, Kids

Yes, the Senate passed the second stimulus bill today, loaded with brilliant goodies like funding for every pet project any Senator has ever cooked up.

If the government could see fit to butt out, this whole crisis would be over in 4 or 5 years. Instead, they’re going to stick their foot in it and create debt that will last for 100 years. That will be the legacy that Obama and the Spendocrats will leave for our children. We think taxes are high now, our poor kids are in trouble.

Did W botch things up royally? I’m certain he blew billions on Iraq – an unnecessary war. He supported the first stimulus package, which was as successful as this new one will be. However, his crap legacy will be a blip on the history of our country compared to what Obama is leading us towards.

I’m not a complete pessimist. I do not think we’re at the end of the world or the end of America. I just think we’re making America into something less than what it could be. The economy may even bounce back. But if the economy bounces back, it won’t be due to spending 250 million dollars on furniture for the Department of Homeland Security. It will be due to the ingenuity of the American people who not only have to overcome a crappy economy, but have to overcome the extra regulations and interference of their own government.