Server Software

In order to automate server management (provisioning of the server, management of upgrades/downgrades, etc.) all of the servers had to be configured with the same management software.

I run CentOS 5.4 on my Linux servers, and there are a few options for management software. After doing my homework I found that only two really worked well with the automation software I intended to use… Plesk and WHM.

Well, I already have a lot of experience on WHM, so that was the choice. I installed WHM/cPanel on all of the servers… and a bit of tricky configuration later (mirroring and failover isn’t really WHM’s ball of wax), I had everything compatible.

That lead to the unhappy task of changing all of the domains at ENOM to use the new nameservers… another unhappy task. Real-time mirroring can be tricky.

We’re getting close to full automation!