I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what many people call fate, serendipity, coincidence…

I don’t believe in any of it anymore. There is a plan. There is a designer of that plan. It can only be God.

A woman trapped on a bridge, hanging over the edge in her car with 2 kids in the back seat – firefighters unable to get to her, but a US Army engineering corp caravan happened to be stuck on the highway going the other direction and happened to have a piece of equipment that could reach across the way to prop the car up… yeah right. That’s a “lucky” break.


That woman’s time had not come. She was meant to survive that accident.

In September of 2011, I was going through a very dark time. I was getting divorced, I’d just left my church of almost 5 years under less than ideal circumstances, and I felt like a failure. It seemed that everything I touched, no matter how much I put in, I never got anything back out. I didn’t know Nicole existed.

In September of 2011, Nicole was going through trials I wouldn’t with on anyone. She was clinging to her faith and her family, praying that things would get better. She didn’t know I existed.

With a houseful of guests, I left the night of December 30th to meet a girl I’d found on eHarmony. I came home 4 hours later and announced that I’d be marrying that girl.

That didn’t happen by accident. The timing wasn’t an accident.

I’d been forced to deal with a lot of the things that made my marriage fail and deal with the feelings I had about my departure from the church. She’d been searching for meaning in trials that are difficult to understand the “why”. And right at that moment, God said “hey, I think you two are finally ready to meet each other.” And Bazinga, there we were.

It hasn’t been hard. Not at all. It’s been the time of my life. Every day is an adventure. Every day brings new happiness and beauty.

Of course we bicker at times. I’m not saying that. I’m saying that our relationship, the family dynamic with Lu, the living situation, all of the details of our lives – it’s all just “fallen into place.” It’s worked, without us having to relearn a bunch of stuff. Because God made us for each other, and he refined us in the fire of life until he knew it was the right time.

We wouldn’t have clicked this way 5 years ago. We weren’t ready. Both of us were on eHarmony at the same time about that time, but we didn’t get matched. Hmmm.

God has a plan. God knows why every event happens, even the totally crappy stuff. When trials come, knowing that God has the steering wheel is, I expect, the best comfort I can have.

It doesn’t hurt to be riding in that car with Nicole and Lu. 🙂