Selfish People Suck

After 31 years on this rock, I’ve determined that the worst people on the planet are selfish people.

Everyone is selfish sometimes. Sometimes I simply decide I’m going to do what I want to do even if other people get upset. Last year I skipped the family reunion in St. Louis. The weather was questionable, I didn’t want to drive across Missouri, and I was tired. It was selfish of me to skip it, but I did anyhow.

I’m not talking about people who occasionally look out for numero uno. I think most people who know me would describe me as generous. A giver.

Real selfish people are selfish MOST of the time… if not all. They always put themselves first. They NEVER think to do something for someone else. They take and take and take and take. I’ve had friends who were selfish. I’ve been in relationships with selfish people. I’ve worked with selfish people.

They all suck.

The problem with being a generous person is that selfish people are drawn to you like moths to a flame. They suck the life out of you as long as you can, and about the time you start resenting their existence, they leave. Now, it’s partly my fault for allowing them to take advantage of my generosity. But it’s mostly their fault for being a selfish jerk.

The older I get, the more I loathe selfishness. When I see a kid acting narcissistic and selfish, I wanna slap them across the face. Parents who allow their kids to act that way are breeding the next generation of selfish adults.

Adults who only think of themselves or always put themselves first should be ashamed. If you’re past the age of 16 and you still act like an entitled brat, you’re not only a jerk, you’re lame. Other people are important, too. Other people deserve some kindness, too.

As my grandma always said…. “the world doesn’t revolve around you.”

Selfish people insist on having things their way. They don’t allow us generous people to just be generous. I naturally do things for people I care about. They don’t need to ask, or insist. The problem with selfish people is that whatever you do for them… it’s never enough. The higher you raise the bar, the more entitled they feel.

I hate selfishness more than I hate any other negative trait. An angry person can have good moments. A perv… well, they can be lots of fun. A moron… they can be sweet.

So here is my advice to all the selfish people out there: Grow the F up! What are you, 12? Stop taking all the time and start thinking about other people. Do you really want everyone you encounter to end up resenting you?! They will.

Sure as the Earth turns.

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  1. BJD
    July 9, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    I’m throwing my vote in with you. Selfish takers are a sorry lot. And they end up having to fight and claw and whine and complain to get anything, because no one wants to be around them or give them anything and everyone ends up loathing their presence. They probably end up with less than what they’d get if they were open an grateful and generous in return. Mean people suck, and selfish people stink.

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