Rush Limbaugh

Have you ever personally listened to Rush Limbaugh? I don’t mean for 5 minutes. Have you ever listened to an entire program?

I have been listening daily to Rush Limbaugh since I was 14 years old. I’ve missed very few shows. When I can’t listen to the program live, I listen to the podcast. This makes me a pretty solid authority on what Rush Limbaugh SAYS and BELIEVES.

Rush gets accused of a lot of outrageous things. Almost without exception, these accusations are based on snippets taken out of context. He’s become such a target of the left that even news stations don’t challenge each other’s reporting when it comes to these things. For instance, if MSNBC takes a snippet and says Rush hates Mexicans, you won’t see ABC news checking their facts and then challenging what they reported. It just won’t happen.

I suppose some of it may be jealousy. Rush has been the number one radio program in America since I was in junior high. That’s quite an accomplishment. He’s become the de facto conservative leader (not to be mistaken with the Republican party) in America.

Having listened to Rush for such a long time, you could hardly call him a Republican. Yes, he’s registered that way, but he is disgusted with the direction the Republicans have taken the past 15-20 years… as am I. Rush identifies himself as a conservative, not a Republican.

Rush does not want to be a Republican figurehead. He wants to be an entertainer. That’s what he’s good at. People thought he was crazy when he first started. “A three-hour talk show with NO guests?!” Yet he’s been doing that format ever since. People enjoy listening to Rush for a couple of reasons. He’s funny. He reports things that you just won’t hear on the news. Most importantly, he’s an optimist.

If you listen to liberal talk radio, it’s all doom and gloom. Even a lot of conservative talk radio is doom and gloom.

I stopped listening to other talk shows. Rush can talk about tough issues and still keep it positive. He offers hope to people better than the likes of Obama, because unlike Obama, Rush offers hope by encouraging you to DO IT ON YOUR OWN. Obama offers hope by promising that the government will save you.

I guess what I’m saying is, don’t judge Rush for things he hasn’t said or for things taken out of context. If you did listen to him for a solid week, you’d be laughing and nodding your head in agreement a lot more than you’d probably care to admit.