Right-Wing Extremists

After yesterday’s DHS report, I was too angry to really write about it. It’s an attack on some of the most fundamental American ideas and completely baseless.

I believe that unborn babies are babies. Thus, I believe it’s wrong to kill them. If you believe they’re not babies, then you’re entitled to your incorrect opinion, and your desire to let them be killed makes sense. If you believe they ARE babies and still think abortion is okey dokey, then you are a sick person.

But how does my belief that unborn are babies make me a right-wing extremist with potential to be a terrorist? Sure, back in the 80’s a couple of nutjobs bombed abortion clinics. Interestingly, the only portion of the clinics ever bombed were the lobby, and it was later discovered that some of them were done by PRO abortion activists and even staff of the clinics to give the pro-life crowd a black eye.

How does my belief that we should protect our borders from ILLEGAL entry into our country? I don’t have a problem with legal immigration! In fact, some of the smartest people I’ve ever met are LEGAL immigrants into the US. I’m proud to have them as my friends. How could it be EXTREMISM to think we should protect our borders from ANYONE being able to wander in – including REAL TERRORISTS!?

DHS has backed off their stance that vets coming back from Iraq are potential terrorists. Apparently that didn’t fly too well. However, they aren’t backing off their attack on conservative Christianity. It’s a blatant ideological attack on Christianity and conservatism. Blatant.

What about all the LEFT-WING nutjob extremists. How come they aren’t on the list? There are plenty of leftist activist groups that happily voice their discontent.

This may be the most blatant attack on Christianity in America ever. Believe what you will. Think Christianity is stupid and wrong. Think abortion and open borders are ok. But don’t think for one second that it’s ok to quash the voices that oppose your beliefs. That’s the most un-American thing you could ever do.

God help us all.

  3 comments for “Right-Wing Extremists

  1. livieloo
    April 16, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    I second everything you said!

  2. April 16, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you where I stand on the issues you brought up, but I do believe in peoples’ rights to speak their opinions – however kooky I may believe them to be. 🙂

  3. HRT
    April 20, 2009 at 9:53 am

    …the irony is that TRUE Christianity is against violence and vigilantism/terrorism. However some others have NO problem with violence whatsoever. Maybe we should keep our eyes on those m’fers.

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