“Right” Is Better

Today’s the last day. On the one hand, I can’t wait to be out of here. On the other hand, I’ve been here my entire life and I’ll miss it. More importantly I’ll miss the people.

Yesterday I spent about 5 hours working with an MCSE on the network at my new company. I love working with really nerdy tech guys, because they can’t resist the urge to transfer as much of their knowledge to you as possible. I learned how to configure Active Directory, create a domain, set up new users, administer an Exchange server, and remotely log in to other computers on the domain. In 5 hours.

I’ve been at my current company for just shy of 9 years. I’m supposed to be a backup person to the network adminstrator here. Well, I learned more in 5 hours yesterday than I’d learned in all 9 years at the current company. I’m not 100% sure what the difference is, but I’m liking the new system.

It turns out that no matter how complicated a scenario I could conjure, this tech guy had a solution in seconds. I’m just not used to that level of expertise. I left feeling like I could do most of the setup of the domain users myself. Of course, I have tech guy’s cell number for when I get stuck.

I actually enjoy nerdy endeavors so long as I know what I’m doing. I hate dinking around to figure out things like computers and servers, because I know I may get it to work, but I almost have no chance at setting it up the way the architects intended. There’s a big difference between getting something to work, and doing something correctly. Before we did this overhaul of the network, we had intermittent problems, the server would crash, people would be unable to see the server, everything would run slow. Now it’s set up right, and those problems, amazingly, are gone.

What a coincidence.