Registrar Consolidation

Another inconsistency in my setup was the fact I had used several different registrars over the years, depending on which one had the best deals at the time. I was registered as a reseller with all of them.

This is no way to run a business… and there’s certainly no way to automate all of that.

So the next task was to create a master reseller account at the best registrar (ENOM) and migrate everything to there.

If you’ve ever transferred a domain name before, you know there’s nothing fun about it. Now multiply that by 2,600 and you have what I did for the next two weeks. Responding to 30,000+ approval emails to get them transferred… logging into multiple registrars to unlock and send EPP codes.

There’s just no easy way to do it. You just have to grind away at it. Well, I did.

As of today, I only have 20 domains left that have pending issues related to transferring.

More automation discussion coming soon!