Wow, there’s been some amazingly retarded comments in the news lately about rape. It all hinges on the conservative view that life begins at conception and that abortion is morally wrong. Some folks try to make exceptions to the abortion argument for cases of rape and incest.

That’s really all beside the point today, though. First we had a guy claim that if it’s “legitimate rape,” that pregnancy can’t occur. Apparently women have some magical biological reflex that says “ooh, bad sperm, shut down, shut down.” Or not. Then more recently, we had another sparkling example of US politics say that when a woman gets pregnant from rape, it was what God intended.

I am leery of speaking for God, but I’m going to go out on a limb here. God’s perfect plan has never once included rape. There, I said it. Controversial, I know.

Rape is a heinous crime that often sends the victim spiraling hopelessly downwards for the rest of her life. In my opinion, it, along with murder, should be a capital offense.

What I think they two guys were TRYING to convey (and failed miserably at) was that aborting a baby because it’s the result of rape is executing the wrong person. The baby has absolutely nothing to do with how it was conceived. And while carrying your attackers baby would be an insanely difficult thing to do emotionally, it doesn’t change the fact that killing the baby simply adds wrong to wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

If we’re going to kill someone, let’s kill the bad guy and leave the baby alone. There are plenty of loving couples that want to adopt babies. I know, because Nicole and I are one of those couples.