Randy “Idiot Boy” Moss

I’d like to take a moment and comment on Randy Moss.

If you could find a more childish, ignorant man on this earth, I’d be astonished. Not only does he make an ass of himself on a regular basis, he doesn’t even understand that he’s an ass. Most people know that they’re being one, even if they go ahead and do it. He’s so selfish and arrogant that he can’t even relate to what people are upset about.

Frankly, I think he likes the attention, but what I can’t understand is why he feels the need to act out in order to get it. He’s one of the most fantastic players in the league. He makes scoring a touchdown look easy.

So why, every time he makes it to the endzone, does he act like he’s never been there before?

Michael Jordan was arguably the best basketball player in history, and had more amazing moments than any athlete in any sport. He could dunk from the 3 point line, but he was also happy to pass the ball to his teammates. People focused on him, even though some of his teammates included Scottie Pippen, Dan Majerle, and Dennis Rodman. Jordan didn’t need to act like an a-hole to get people’s attention. He ended up being a positive role model for millions of kids.

Randy Moss, on the other hand, thinks he IS the team, and thinks he’s SMARTER than the coach, and thinks he’s ABOVE the rules. In his interview with Jimmy Johnson, he talked about having responsibilities to his children and family, yet he insists on setting a negative example about how to act when you’re good at something.

Randy’s mom obviously failed to whoop his butt, and I hold her partly responsible for his behavior. I wish for once that a coach or owner would stand up and say “Randy, you’re a great player, but if you don’t stop being an ass, I’m going to fire your butt.”

I hope that the NFL doles out the punishments faster than the FCC can fine NBC affiliates. Moss needs to be suspended for the rest of the postseason. If he can’t play without being a jerk, he can sit it out. Frankly, fining him 100k is not a big deal for him. Making him miss the postseason would be a real punishment. The only downside is that when the Vikings get knocked out, Moss could claim it was because he wasn’t playing. Jerk.

However, we know it doesn’t work that way in sports. Bobby Knight was allowed to fling chairs and scream for years. Shaq is allowed to be a complete jerk, and Kobe is allowed to get away with rape. All because they’re good at a sport.

Come on, coaches. Get your boys under control, or give them the boot.

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    AUTHOR: Kamasue Incredipete, the girls are soo adorable! Congrats on their success. And I don’t know who Randy Moss is, but I believe you. 🙂

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    AUTHOR: thea As long as warcrygirl lets Jack Nicholson stay, I agree. We can all freak out & chase Randy & Shac with an ax. Ooo, and my ex. (Of which I noted in a meanmommy update.) Fucker.

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    AUTHOR: Incredipete Look, someone else agrees with me. Tice needs to spank his boy.

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    AUTHOR: Anisettekiss WarCry! AND hip hop artists… Incredipeter!! WORD to your Mother! I cannot wait for my Green Men to pound them into submission. It’s a shame TO can’t be there to make Moss cry like a bitch! I’m SO fired up…

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    AUTHOR: warcrygirl Professional athletes and actors, honestly, if Armeggedon were tomorrow what useful purpose would they serve? Unless we wanted to drive them all to the nearest soylent green factory…

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    AUTHOR: JuddHole I’ve known me many a professional athlete, and there is a pervasive mentality among most of them that they just don’t have to play by the same rules as the rest of us.

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    AUTHOR: Incredipete Moss has insisted on being an ass for years. It’s not the mooning incident, it’s the combination of many times, and the most recent two being so close together…

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    AUTHOR: BigPimpinMBA Moss mooning the crowd was damn funny. Even funnier when you know that the Lambeau faithful moon the visiting team’s bus as they leave after a game. Everyone needs to lighten up about that. It’s not like he actually mooned anyone.

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