Racial Harmony Kegger

Well, Obama, after stepping in a huge cow pie by saying that cops are stupid for arresting someone, has decided that the solution to racial tension is to have a kegger at the white house and invite a black man AND a white man AT THE SAME TIME.

I know this is an outrageous idea. I hope Obama and Gates don’t gang up on Crowley and beat him senseless. You know how those gangs of Harvard grads can be.

Anyhow, the funniest part of this kegger idea (aside from the fact that Obama was an idiot for shooting his mouth off in the first place) is that it’s ticked off locals who are upset about the choice of beer.

Locals think that they should serve Sam Adams, since the incident occurred in Boston. Obama said he was going to be drinking Bud Light, which many realized is no longer a domestic brand. Should the president really be drinking foreign beer? That would be like letting Toyota make the presidential limo!

Gates has already stated that he won’t let bygones be bygones unless he gets an apology from Crowley. Crowley has already stated that he will never apologize because he is not a racist and was following police procedures perfectly. Obama is simply there because he couldn’t resist jumping on the race bandwagon.

The really funny and tragically ironic part of the whole Gates-Gate was that Gates really believes that he is above the law because he’s a Harvard professor with lots of money. He’s not really upset that he got arrested because of his race… he’s upset because he’s an elitist who got embarrassed because of his actions.

Gates really picked the wrong cop to accuse of racism (Crowley was picked by a black man to teach officers how NOT to racially profile). He picked the wrong good samaritan to accuse of racism (the woman who called in the “break-in” and NEVER mentioned race).

Basically, he couldn’t have looked like a bigger bozo unless of course he was the President of the United States and decided to shoot his mouth off, exposing his true racial feelings while commenting on a situation he had no personal knowledge about.

Let’s hope the racial harmony kegger solves 250 years of racial tension.

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  1. July 30, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    I have two word that will ease racial tensions and end racism: BEER PONG.

  2. July 30, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Two WORDS that is. Sorry, (hic) too much beer.

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