Quiz: Are You An A#shole

I’ve discovered over the years that many people are unaware of the fact that they are an asshole. This quiz is for the male readers. Tomorrow we will have the female version “Am I a Bitch” quiz. With a few simple questions we will get to the bottom of things.

Are You An Asshole

1. Do you drive a crotch rocket?

2. Do you own any affliction t-shirts?

3. Have you ever in a conversation uttered the words “I’m gonna hit that” when referring to a woman you find attractive?

4. Do you drive up past a line of traffic and swoop in at the last second?

5. Are you drunk more than 5 times a year (20 if you’re under 23)?

6. Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend/wife?

7. Have you ever hit or slapped a woman, even if she “had it coming”?

8. Have you ever been in a fight in a bar or club that a court didn’t consider self-defense?

9. Do you wear your hat sideways on purpose?

10. Does any portion of your boxers show at any time in public?

11. Do you use more than 3 “products” when grooming?

12. Do you go to the bar instead of helping out around the house?

13. Have you ever called someone “brah” without trying to be funny or ironic?

14. Have you ever lied to get sex and then bailed after getting it?

15. Have you ever yelled at someone for failing to do something that in all honesty you should have done yourself?

Scoring the quiz:

Count the number of “Yes” questions and then use the following table:

0-2 You’re just an average guy
3-6 You are petulant but you’re not an asshole
7-10 You’re an asshole
11-15 You’re a gigantic douchebag asshole

  1 comment for “Quiz: Are You An A#shole

  1. Bruce
    May 2, 2013 at 10:53 am

    I’ll throw you a curve. I score a zero on your quiz, but often consider myself an A#shole. Reasons like this:
    -Haughtiness / conceit
    -Condescending attitudes
    -Drive like I own the road
    -Go off on someone (even my kids) without all the facts
    There’s others, but they all root fairly closely to pride. I guess I have a different definition of A#shole, maybe. I would tend to label anyone who would do the majority of what you have listed as a dbag or loser. I usually feel like A#shole is reserved for more ‘mature’ problems, lol.

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