Quit Being Environmental Sissies

Regardless what your beliefs on global warming happen to be, I submit that it doesn’t matter.

If we’re causing global warming, it’s going to happen. If it’s an inevitable climate cycle, it’s going to happen. If it’s being caused by Al Gore’s jet, it’s going to happen. We (the human race) do not have the will nor the desire to make it stop (assuming we’re causing it). Even if America goes back to riding horses and using candles for light, CO2 is going to continue to rise because other less concerned countries will build more (and dirtier) coal plants than we ever could have dreamed. China, India, Russia – these people don’t care about global warming. They are on the cusp of industrial revolution. America got to have theirs, so who are we to judge them for theirs?

This article is not intended to advocate any particular school of thought on what is causing global warming. The fact is, the temperature change is observable science. The polar ice caps appear to be melting. These are things we can see.

Now, back in the 1970s, scientists were warning of an impending ice age because the ice caps were growing too fast. They were proposing all sorts of measures to try and melt them back down to size. You may not remember that, but it’s true. In just 30 years (during which we drastically reduced carbon emissions) scientists have gone from worrying about an ice age to worrying about global flooding from melting ice caps. Clearly the fundamental underlying science is weak.

Now I’ll get to my actual point.

Forty years ago we put a man on the moon using nothing but tin foil and slide rules. We have nuclear powered submarines that can go underwater for 6 months without resurfacing for any reason, and that can precision nuke 150 cities at once. We have satellites orbiting the Earth that can beam a signal to a watch-sized GPS on your wrist that can tell you exactly where you are.

You can’t tell me that we can’t overcome the consequences of global warming with technology and innovation.

The ice caps melt. So what. We know how to build levies, locks, and pumping stations. Just look at New Orleans.

We know how to build air conditioning and heating units.

We know how to build suits that allow a person to stand in a burning building without getting singed. We know how to build suits that allow a man to walk around in space. There is not outside environment that we couldn’t adapt to work in. If it’s suddenly 150 degrees 24/7, we’ll need good air conditioning, but then, we can also use all that heat to create thermal energy.

If it’s suddenly -50 degrees 24/7, we’ll need good heaters. But we already have people that live at the poles where it’s routinely that cold.

If the coasts are suddenly completely swamped, I guess I’ll have some nice beachfront property in Kansas. 🙂

Global warming may result in a need for new technology, mass migration, or other difficult things, but I do not believe that we will allow it to kill us.

On the other hand, for the past 5 years, the global temperature trend has been going down… not up.

Stop wringing your hands. It will be alright.