Prediction Time

Yes, although we are roughly 14 years away from the 08 presidential election, I’m prepared to give my predictions.

On the Democrat side, we will see Hillary nominated and she will take Edwards as her VP. This will effectively make for the most despicable ticket possible given the field of potential candidates, which of course is the Democrats’ strategy. However, specifically, Hillary will get the nomination because of her name recognition and her poise… which is admittedly very good. She won’t choose Obama as her running mate because she thinks he’s a doofus, which is in fact pretty accurate. I like the fact that Obama doesn’t know anything, because it makes him less dangerous, but most people won’t want a newbie running the country.

For the GOP, we will see Guiliani nominated and he will choose Mike Huckabee as his VP. Guiliani is the most moderate candidate on either side, which will be a departure from the norm for the GOP, but by adding a social conservative as his running mate, he can seal up both the conservative base and the moderate swing voters. Fred Thompson, although I believe he would be the best candidate as a “Reagan Conservative,” he lacks the charisma and presence that Guiliani has. It’s sad, because you’d think an actor could really have that down pat. But he doesn’t, as was evidenced by his lackluster performance on Leno last night. I think Thompson would be Guiliani’s first choice as VP, and I think Thompson would turn him down.

As for the actual election, I give the win to the GOP. Moderates will shy away from an extreme leftist like Hillary, and they’ll gravitate towards middle-of-the-road Guiliani. Huckabee’s name on the ticket will seal up the conservative vote, and when you add conservatives + moderates, you get a pretty decent margin. I predict Hillary 42% and Guiliani 58% of the popular vote, with the electoral vote split roughly 45/55. I expect to see the Democrats hold onto the house and the senate. Their house margin will increase, and their senate margin will remain the same.

I’m okay with the GOP holding the executive branch and the Dems holding the legislative. It’s perfect because absolutely nothing can be accomplished, with the one exception that the GOP having the presidency allows us to appoint supreme court justices, which is of course crucial to overturning retarded decisions like Roe v Wade.

Now for Incredipete’s ideal world. Fred Thompson / Sam Brownback. Now that would be a sight to behold. I’m ready for some Reaganomics!

  3 comments for “Prediction Time

  1. livieloo
    September 6, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    I hope your predictions are accurate. If Hilary wins I’m moving to Australia … again.

  2. September 6, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    I’m still keeping hope alive for Fred.

  3. September 6, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    Don’t you mean 14 months you kook!

    BTW Our new firewall at work blocks you due to content….silly republicans! Kicks are for trigs

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