I am the slacker of all diaryland diarists. I am the scum beneath your toes.
What am I talking about?! I’m the coolest fricking person on this site!

That said, I am an uber-slacker these days as far as updating. Per usual, I apologize for my slackerness.

Yesterday I had a very long, very filling day. Not fulfilling. Just filling. I had a breakfast meeting at 10:00, a lunch meeting at 12:00, and a dinner meeting at 8:00, interspersed with food trays at the company’s Christmas open house. I met tons of people, and had to act comfortable with the situation.
The fact of the matter is, I hate being in large groups, and I hate meeting new people. I’m fairly introverted, in an extroverted way. I can force myself to be extroverted, but it’s definitely not my natural tendency. I found myself several times taking someone from the party to my office to talk. I’d much rather talk one-on-one.

While I was at dinner, a dear friend called to cry on my shoulder, and I couldn’t hear her over the live music. When I called her back, she told me that she’d totalled her car, and had staples in her head to hold her brains in. She was also hopped up on pain killers, so she was loopy as hell. It was actually pretty entertaining to listen to her talk under the influence.

I’m going to her graduation tonight, and my friend Leigh was kind enough to agree to go with me. Thank god, because I only know a few people that are graduating this semester. I feel sorry for my pups though, since I’ve hardly been home this week.

One of the most bizarre aspects of my new job is interviewing. I am interviewing people that have multiple master’s degrees, Ph.D’s, and 30+ years of experience. I feel like they should be hiring me, not vice versa. The funny thing is though… I’m on the other side of the desk. Even though I don’t have as many credentials or as much experience, I’ve noticed more than one of them sweating, hands trembling, and all of the signs of stress. It’s totally not related to my credentials, but purely situational.
I’ve met a lot of super-freakishly smart people in the last 3 weeks. If this is any indicator, I’m going to have to hurry up and get the MBA so I can go on to the Ph.D.

I’m just saying.