Well, you’re really gonna start hating these next few posts. They say patience is a virtue… in fact, it’s one of the things a real Christian will exude. They won’t be able to help it.

If every little thing annoys you and frustrates you, chances are you’re either not a Christian or you’re actively ignoring the Holy Spirit. Imagine Jesus cussing the driver in front of him for refusing to turn right on red. It’s completely silly. So if that’s the standard for Christians, why are you being impatient and then excusing it by saying “well, that’s just my personality.”

First off, patience or lack thereof is NOT personality. It’s CHARACTER (or lack thereof).

Making excuses for it won’t change the fact that you are not displaying the fruit of the Spirit. If what’s inside of you is the Holy Spirit – you simply can’t help displaying that character.

I’m not one that believes that the “devil makes you do it.” The devil cannot be present in a person that already has the Holy Spirit there… feel free to do your own exegesus if you want, but you’ll find that’s the truth.

If you’re freaking out about every little thing, you need to carefully think about why. Unless you don’t care and you’re content with being an impatient jerk. In which case, carry on.

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